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FS / Trade Lot of 10$ stuff: Serato, Ableton, Reason, Bitwig, DS Audio, Izotope, UVI, D16, Tracktion, Accusonus, Novation


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Hit me up if you have any good stuff to trade, I'm looking for a synth to use for trance n Progressive house

Updated selling list
*Tracktion Biotek - SOLD
*D16 Nithonat - 25$
*UVI Digital Synsations - 10$
*Sonivox eighty eight Piano - 10$
*Ableton Live lite 10 - 10$ (I have a couple)
*Bitwig 8 Track - SOLD
*DS Thorn (PA) - for trade as mentioned or for 40$
*Reason 10 lite - SOLD
*Serato sample le (account transfer) - 15$
*Izotope Trash 2 - 15$
*Izotope Ozone 9 Elements - 10$
*Audiothing SR88 drum machine - 10$
*Novation Bass Station and V-Station - 15$ for both (I have 2 of each)
*Accusonus voice leveler - 10$
*Accusonus De Esser - 10$ --------(Both unregistered)

Looking for Trades . Will trade for a synth (Like ANA 2) or virtual instruments like addictive keys and KORG M1

Use the stuff like ableton,reason and bitwig lite versions to get a lot of discounts when upgrading to a higher version during sales and whatnot. with the izotope stuff too there are a lot of crossgrades to a lot of the costlier stuff available. Serato sample upgrade from LE is cheper than direct buying!

Will Trade for ANA 2
Hit me up with decent offers too!


Looking to get rid of these stuff to buy better software. I'm lookingto buy a decent synth other than synthmaster as i already own them. any options to trade like ANA 2, Korg M1 and addictive keys are welcome among others

This is my first time here on VI Control. For Feedback i Have traded/sold a couple items on KVR and can refer to there for feedback.
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