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Looking for sound designers - Paid gig


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Hey i'm looking to pay some talented sound designers for the following two things below. Can lead to more work as well:

Looking for unique timbre 808's as one shot .wav files. Must hit hard and have a very strong bass component but the tone of them should be unique/unusual. Basically the weirder the better as long as they still hit hard. Don't want any normal sounding 808's.

Also looking for FL Studio users to make unique pluck sounds and then send me the FLP session. Want them to immediately stand out and grab your attention. Must have unusual timbre to them. Interesting pitch modulations, etc. Definitely want you to add plenty of post FX in the VST outputs audio channel in the mixer. Feel free to use any 3rd party vst synth or audio fx plugin as i have pretty much every plugin. If i don't have it i'll buy it.
PM me for details on pay.
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