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Looking for someone to do an orchestral mock-up of a Sibelius project


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VI-control folks,

I've recently completed a 40 minute symphony in Sibelius, and I'm looking for someone to do an orchestral mock-up. I just don't have the skills for that! The best I can do is export it from Sibelius via NotePerformer and spruce it up a bit in Logic. The result just isn't pro, and I don't feel it's good enough to send around to prospective orchestra directors.

Would anyone out there be interested in taking it on? I would pay a reasonable amount. If so, reach out to me at [email protected].




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I have sent several orchestral works to the conductors with the noteperformer mp3 attached. Actually, for me the main reason for buying NP was to not waste time doing mockups. If you are working with classically trained musicians, the NP version will be fine for them
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