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Looking for Singer for Remote Recording (Country, Male)


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Hi everyone,
I am looking for a male singer for a song that I am working on right now. The song is being produced for an animated short, and we do have budget for the recording.
Very good English would be important, ideally native speaker.

The director is hoping for edgy, low vocals carrying a certain age and character, more in the likes of Tom Waits or the late Leonard Cohen. But I am open to any suggestions.

Can anyone recommend a singer that might fit that description who would be able to do the recording remote?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for everyone who has reached out to me with suggestions!
Just want to extend the information above a little.
The film is set in the swamps of Louisiana, and while it gets more cinematic and dark over time, it strongly resembles a classic country song. Anyone fitting the genre would be worth a look for me!
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