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Looking for Latin Percussion Kontakt libraries...


But it's not just the Evolution Series,for some odd reason I been looking but have not been able to find timbale samples from any developer I actually want to use.
Curious if you've tried Loops de la Creme, they certainly seem well sampled with over 5,000 samples, no clue if they sound as they're supposed to sound though ?

I guess for starters though I'll grab the evo series while it's on sale as everyone seems to unanimously love it

Mark Schmieder

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I am constantly surprised by how highly recommended the Evolution Series is for Latin Percussion. To me, this is by far their weakest offering, and an area where there are several specialty vendors that do a tremendous job at affordable prices.

Having said that, the Surdos are probably the best currently available, along with the Timba and the non-orchestral Triangle. The Bongos are also the best outside of EZ Drummer Latin land (much to my annoyance, as I'd rather not use that product for this sort of stuff). Also, some of the shakers.

The rest of the South America material is fairly good, but just not as authentic overall in brand choice and the player's articulateness, as well as the tunings/voicings, along with the across-the-suite standardized miking choices not allowing the kind of mix that many of us go for with these instruments (which generally are treated a bit more like drum kit pieces vs. ambient percussion or shakers and the like). Also, too many missing instruments for a "comprehensive" collection.

To my ears, by far the strongest offerings of the regional libraries (ignoring the Taiko etc. for now), are the Middle East and Africa libraries, which are almost always at top-of-list in my book. The Asia library is almost as strong but has a bit more competition here and there, and the Europe library is mixed as well as being an unexpected set of choices.

I already listed my recommendations for Latin Percussion, and in each case the top choice is miles above the next one, for the most part. But you can always add these later and start with a more general collection. For Congas, FlyingHand Percussion is miraculous. For anything that they have so far sampled, Muletone Audio is the boss. Best players and instrument choice, as well as most authentic articulations.

Nevertheless, I couldn't find any other catch-all library that outdoes Evolution Series South America, so I still recommend it, but not as a final sound source for critical stuff like Congas. At a good price, it's a no-brainer to add it alongside the others in their collection. But keep an eye on Muletone Audio as well, and FlyingHand when on sale.

There's plenty of Latin Percussion that NONE of those cover, but you'd have to do a few one-offs here and there, or some mini-collections that have a bit of overlap, to be fully covered. As an example, Timbales aren't covered well by ANYONE yet, but EZ Drummer Latin is the best at the moment (alongside Addictive Drums, which I sold because I don't like how their stuff is recorded in general).

I share kgdrum's misgivings about the audio demos for the Loops de la Creme Timbales, but am open to being convinced otherwise, and they are affordable.

I bought some real Timbales from Gon Bops recently, as I used to play them years ago anyway and can't wait forever for someone to deliver the goods in sample land.
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