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Looking for instrumentalist's (any instrument)


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Emailed you ein fisch, a few times actually, not sure they’re going through? I have quite a collection of interesting / obscure / not easily identifiable instruments, along with some more standard instruments...

ukelin, tiple, gamelan, bowed zither, handful of flutes, 1800’s silver trombone, old P-Bass, electric & acoustic guitar, others.

I also have a really old, German, mono, tube-driven, reel-to-reel tape machine to record to, which imparts recordings with some serious mojo.

Please let me know if you’re interested!

Best, Tom

David Enos

Sonic Concepts Media
If you play any instrument professionally, and have recording equipment at home I would provide you a payment whenever I need a part with that instrument.

How do we work: I'll play in the parts of your instrument with a sample library - of course paying close attention that it is something that can actually be played - and will then provide you a payment for recording it with the real instrument. The payment totally depends on the amount of recordings I need, so we will deal that out individually.


- A good microphone and the ability to send me a qualitative recording of your performance.
- A room in which you can record and keep the room noise on a minimum (i am not hardcore nerdy about that, just try your best to make it as clean as possible)
- Atleast one instrument you can play on a professional level
- The payment is made via PayPal, so you need an account there

The more unique the instrument you play, the better!

ein fisch

Send a PM here or an E-Mail to [email protected]

Hello Ein, I am an electric and acoustic bassist. Some links to projects I have played on are below. I have many mics but my standard setup is a km184 through a Universal Audio 4-710d, depending on whether you want an old school or modern sound. You can reach me at [email protected]. Thank you, David Enos


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We Record Guitars.
Remote guitar recording studio here! We have a team of pro session players in various genres, non-traditional instruments, too. Also based in Zurich, so we can totally meet up as well! :)
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