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Looking for help making Kontakt instruments


I have a bunch of random samples need to turn them into Kontakt instruments. Nothing too polished or serious, just something playable and useful.

The ideal candidate is someone relatively fresh and new who needs some resume fodder to help them get an assistantship, seeing as I don't need a total Kontakt pro, and a lot of these skills translate directly or indirectly to common assistant tasks.

Specifically, I need help cleaning up the audio when necessary (RX-ing out noise, for instance), chopping up samples as needed for the specific instrument, even potentially going so far as to designing the instrument and really taking the reigns in its creation on the Kontakt side. KSP experience is nice but not necessary.

This is by no means regular work, just need someone to jump in from time to time.

If this seems interesting to you or someone you know, please PM me here on the board and we can go from there. Thanks!
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