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Looking for dark, distorted piano-type sounds

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Eric Watkins
Pretty much what the title says. It doesn't have to be a piano, but I want the sound to play like one as far as the adsr, but then I'd like it/them to be on the dark and distorted side.

Here are a couple examples. This first one is one I tweaked from the Camel Audio synth Chameleon 5000. I lost the install files after they sold out so I don't have it anymore. Anyway, you can just go to about 6:23 on this short film. It's not the harp, but the other sound.

Also another good example but completely different, would be the intro sound to this:

If there is a library of this kind of stuff out there, I would love to know about it for a current project I am working on. Thanks!


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Other options are UVI and Toontrack who both now have prepared pianos that came out in the last year. I'm not sure either of them have quite that sound, but I haven't been through all the presets. Also, if you have Pianoteq, check out some of the free antique pianos. And then use the "worn" setting just above the keyboard to change the sound from normal to really detuned.

Lee Blaske

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A lot of this sort of thing, you can make yourself with content you already have on hand. Plenty of distortion plug-ins on the market, and a lot of DAWs come with a bunch (Logic is well equipped for this, the amp models are also useful). If you want third party stuff for distorting sounds, iZotope Trash and Ohm Force Ohmicide are pretty good options. Output Movement can mess things up a lot or a little. Eventide's Mangledverb is another. AudioEase SpeakerPhone can take you to another place, too.

It's all really easy to do. So, in short, I wouldn't particularly look for already distorted libraries when it's quick and fun to roll your own.
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