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Login sometimes fails and somebody else enters my forum account !!!


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From the forum thread:

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14 minutes ago:

I probably should clarify. I logged in to my account, or did I even do that. Clicked on thread and page was all white in backgournd. I saw the message in a box by Robbert and could have edited the text. I checked upper corner and it was Robberts name as login. I logged out or clicked another page, I cant recall. Magic. Not logged as you anymore at least.

4 minutes ago


Today I have recurrent problems login into this forum (with various browsers).
When I attempt to login, nothing appears to happen. No error, but also not going into my login state (and I have indeed chosen white as background).
Clicking around and retrying to login may give the error message that I already have been logged-in.
When that happens, the background becomes white and I can go to this page and enter this reply.

Maybe something goes wrong at the web server side and login data is remembered from the previous login ?!?
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