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Logic x gone rogue!!!!


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I hope the answer to this problem is simple.

Basically my midi draw seems to have gone totally rogue. When I record in my modwheel data for my Spitfire Libraries, as I go to edit in the Piano roll editor it seems to have been transported to an entirely foreign (to me anyway) place as well. I say as well because it is indeed recorded in CC# 1 but also in this channel called something like 'dynamics - d - celli - tremolo' for example.

Apart from the fact that this seems like a slightly internal kind of function (not something I should be messing around with) it's quite annoying because even as I switch back to CC#1, the moment I make any kind of change, the channel instantly switches back to the mystery 'dynamics....' channel. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? It is tremendously annoying as you can imagine! If I want to edit CC1 I don't want this daft box to randomly decide to switch around to someplace else do I??

For what it is worth, the moment I touch any other automation controller (even the lowly solo button) the lane decides to change to that. This is also completely infuriating because sometimes one wants to just solo away but continue to edit the CC lane they were just in.

Am I going mad? True that may be, but that is entirely beside the point as this behaviour would frustrating to even the most well balanced of people.

Another problem I have is that as of the last two days, the Spitfire Chamber Strings within logic have all stopped responding to my CC16 fader. Could this be related? All my other Spitfire libraries seem to do just fine with this one but the Chambers have hung up the boots. Is this another bizarre marketing ploy by the mad Brits? Perhaps an attempt to force me to purchase the new 'Studio Strings'. I haven't had a technical hitch in years...

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It's bad/incomplete product design IMO - I was confused by the same thing. After wasting a lot of time on it, I found out (thanks to very useful help from someone who was aware of this situation and what was needed to do to heal it) that it helped to go to the Mic menu and disable Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode.
I guess the likelihood that this will be fixed increases if the problem (whether it is considered a big or expected behaviour) is being reported here: https://www.apple.com/feedback/logic-pro.html
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I hate that new feature. It’s confusing as hell.
It should be a window that says cc11 and what’s controlling. Maybe inside the piano roll window. That idea of switching names or whatever is doing, is crazy.
I know they are good at what they do but this change could of been a bit better.


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That function - Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode - is very useful as such, but it shouldn't behave this way when selecting a parameter.


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Is this also the cause of my entire undo history being full of "dynamics - d - celli" regardless of what I've actually done recently?
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