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Logic X / Cubase Scripter Idea / Pitch / Question


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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

When I'm writing chords for a section, I often find myself lowering CC11 to compensate for the volume boost of doubling or tripling up samples. I started to wonder if this could automated using the Logic Scripter.

To expand:

- I start by playing a C and holding it. As this is one note the CC11 would be set to 127.
- After a time (still holding the C) I add in a G and an F. The script would immediately detect the new notes and lower CC11 accordingly: say to 80 for arguments sake.

Possible? Impossible? Terrible idea? "Shoot him now it is so bad"?

all the best,



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no not a terrible idea and not hard to do. KH and some other libraries automatically do this kind of thing with their auto divisi kontakt scripts.
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