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Logic X Conundrum with articulations


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Hi Guys,

I've been trying to set up some Spitfire stuff in Logic using Articulation maps. I'm using UACC KS and for the most part we have smooth sailing. One hitch though:

I'd like to have all my Violin patches loaded in the same instance in Kontakt. For my purposes this would be: Vln Legato Performance, Vln Core Articulations and Vln Decorative Articulations.

Now my problem occurs specifically with the Legato patch. Both the other patches are set to UACC KS and work perfectly, however switching to the Legato patch seems to require the input of UACC (for example #20) data which then causes the patch to play the fingered legato in addition to whatever else might get triggered from playing.

How can I switch to the Legato patch using Articulation Maps while still retaining the UACC stuff for the other two patches in the instance?

All patches are set to omni, but I also experimented with setting the legato to midi 1 and the other two to midi 2 and had no more luck. I'm sure I must have just missed something and this is an easy fix.

Cheers big ears!


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Thanks Alex.

I think I solved the problem with a slightly improved method on Alex's. I had tried something like your solution in the past, and the only problem is the CC lanes are not all controlled by the same set of data which is annoying obviously.

My solution is to set all patches to omni (which means just one set of cc lanes) but to set the legato patch to be triggered by UACC and not UACC KS. This avoids the problem of the stacking legatos.

Hope this helps anyone else in a similar situation!
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