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    how do you guys work in logic when composing for a string orchestra with individual sections? is there a setting that lets you use one piano roll for all the individual instruments and separate them by note-colors or something?

    with ensemble patches it was so easy, i had everything in front of me, and now i need to remember that cellos are playing note X and violas note Y etc or go in each individual piano roll and check what note it is playing and that can get extremely time consuming when a full orchestra is playing

    any tips regarding this topic and workflow would be highly appreciated
  2. Garry

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    Dec 28, 2017
    In the piano roll submenu, 'View' (find it to the right of 'Functions'), you can use 'set note color' to region color, and just use different colors for each instrument (or you can color by midi channel if you separate your tracks by midi channel). A suggestion would be to use one color for each section (eg green for strings, yellow for brass), and then different shades for each instrument (eg lighter for high pitched, darker for low pitched instruments), so you can recognize instruments instantly by color, even in a complex track.
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    ein fisch

    ein fisch Dreamer

    Jul 6, 2016
    Switzerland, Zürich
    Woah thank you for this!
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    It's one of Logics best features that you can open all editors in separate windows and save this as a screen set.
    For arranging I mostly use a sketch piano where I play full chords and open that track in an own score-window (or a separate piano roll-window) with the chain-icon set to black so that it keeps the current content also when selecting or recording other regions. From there I can read my sketch score while recording the single section parts.
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