Logic Pro X Articulations / mod wheel confusion


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Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I searched and couldn't locate it!
I am using Orchestral Tools' wonderful woodwind additional instruments bass clarinet.
I am trying to use multiple articulations on a single track by using CAPSULE and Logic Pro X's Articulations feature.

I have the Articulations set up to work as virtual keyswitches and it all works fine EXCEPT that my mod wheel expression information goes insane when I change to, say, the trill articulation. When it's at 127, so what should be loudest, the sound disappears altogether.

Has anyone come across this? Can anyone suggest a fix?

The other thing I'd love to figure out is how to set and record a starting articulation - e.g. if I know I want to record a staccatissimo passage on Articulation 3 to be able to choose that before hitting record.

Thanks in advance!