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Logic - key command for cycling through interface areas?

Carlos Lopez-Real

New Member
I use a key command to cycle through different windows in Logic (e.g. if I have different plug in windows open). I also use key commands to open and close different parts/panes of the main interface window as-and-when needed (e.g. mixer, marker lists etc). But there doesn't seem to be a key command to cycle through these different elements of the interface. i.e. if I've got a few different panes open, I may want to make a different one active so that I can use the relevant key commands on that pane. At the moment the only way to make a pane active seems to be to click in it with the mouse. Am I missing something?



You can also do "Command+~" to cycle through windows of an application. Like "Command+Tab" cycles through different applications, "Command+~" cycles through windows.

I didn't know you could use TAB for cycling through consolidated window! Thanks for that Alex!
I usually just use a hotkey to open piano roll, then I close it. Hotkey for mixer, then close it, etc...
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