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I'm posting this under a temp name (this is Mornats). I've been locked out of my account, i.e. my password won't work. I tried resetting it but I'm not receiving any password reset emails. The email address that I originally signed up under was a Yahoo one and I notice on the registration page that it says don't use a Yahoo account. I'm fairly sure this message wasn't here when I first registered a year or so ago. So it seems I can't reset my password. Any ideas on how to proceed? Cheers!


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Hi, I will look into it. But yes, this message has been there for at least 2 years now, I had to make it more and more obvious because people didn't seem to pay attention to it. ;)
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Whatever you did worked, I got logged back in thanks. :) It was a bit weird as I also got locked out of that temp account and when I tried a password reset for the temp account it reset the password for my proper account. All a bit weird! It also seems that I've been on here for two and a half years so maybe I got an account before Yahoo emails became an issue.

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I don't know whether this is merely a coincidence, but I found I had been logged out on all of my devices and had to log back in an hour or two ago. I had no problem logging in, but I'm wondering if perhaps a glitch bumped a number of users offline.