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Little poll regarding a bowed guitar library I'm making

James Blick

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I'm going to add in true legato, but I was wondering if people think it's necessary or helpful to also include true legato using a slide. Is that a bit outside the realm of the instrument, or is it just what the doctor ordered. Having two types of true legato would definitely raise the production time and therefore price. What do you guys think, if you were buying this library, what kind of legato(s) would be important to you?


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True, but maybe make it optional. I for one would go for “regular” legato (and make less use of slide legato).


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Ooh nice, bowed guitar library! I think slides would be really worth having, and could greatly add to its expressiveness.
I'm going to agree with Sarah, I think the slide articulation would greatly enhance the expressiveness, as well as the usefulness, of a bowed guitar instrument.


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If you are able to do both, you might as well since it will add significant value and also make it stand out. Another option could be to add the slide legato as an update later once you see how the initial release fares.
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