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Limited to a modest 16GB Ram Laptop ; your must have core libraries for Music Production ?


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I disagree with CSS being ok for a lower ram computer in pro use.

Easy to notice on youtube vid.s, while most lib.s start of around 400-500mb ram load CSS is near 800mb. This also goes for Cinestrings if I remember correct.
This is because some string libraries like SSS don't have legato in the main patch. CSS has all articulations in 1 patch, so it will take more ram. You can disable the articulations though
Infinite Brass
Infinite Winds
Adventure Strings
Caspian Brass

Those would be my core for a 16GB template

Then for legato strings, anything from Cinematic Studio Strings, Spitfire, Berlin etc


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Cause you mentioned Berlin Strings, I would recommend the Berlin Inspire 1 + 2.
Really low ram print ( 1 Mic-positions), but still an overall professional sound with Ensembles & Solos.

+1 for Inspire. It's not cheap but the footprint is small and light and the sound is great.

Example (though be advised that Sascha could probably make a beautiful composition out of samples of a brass section falling down a flight of stairs):



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Like others have said, the Cinematic Studio stuff is pretty light on CPU and RAM. BBCSO seems acceptable if you don't have everything open at once. I might be imagining it, but I remember BBCSO being far more taxing on my system at launch, so maybe the updates helped. If you're only using Core, this should even more of a non-issue since the mics seem to be the most taxing on the CPU.

I personally hate keyswitches, though (because it messes with my mixing process), so I bring a lot of the resource problems upon myself. It's a tough life....

Alex Fraser

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Sorry to kick the thread open again - but I thought I'd chime in on BBCSO Core on a 16gb MbP.
It's possible to load the entire orchestra (even triangles!) into memory but the default player settings need to be tweaked to lean more heavily on streaming from SSD.

I would always recommend using some sort of "disabled tracks" workflow though with 16gb..


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Not all of them have it? To be honest i never tried anything else except Cubase.
Sadly no, but in many of them there are at least some workarounds or sometimes you have the ability to use custom scripts etc. Still, most of these solutions are not as comfortable as having this as a native feature (like in Cubase).
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