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Library Spotlight - Talos Brass

Full agreement as far as the regular price is concerned. Great review.

Fortunately, there was the NI sale where I got Talos virtually in a package with Jaeger and other libraries. Talos is beefy and definitely a great addition.
A great complement to Trailer Brass, which goes in a similar direction but offers less content. Talos doesn't come close to TB's The Horde, but that's a good thing.
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Fun fact - the "cha-ching" noise you hear in the video is not the sound of a cash register. I didn't have a cash register sound so I had to make one from scratch using various patches from Damage, Rust 3 and an industrial sound set from Audio Animals, layered to mimic the two transients heard during the sound of an old cash register opening. The "ching" sound is actually a high note played with Soundiron's Circle Bells library.


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Sounds great! Less filling! (old American beer reference)

I like that the brass top out and rattle the room. Sounds terrific. $400 could buy a lot of stuff, so I'm not jumping today.

Great review as always.

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I picked it up during Black Friday for $199 and for me it was absolutely worth it. From the six 12-horn-patches I have the Talos-horns are definitely my favourite! A more "differentiated" low brass section would be nice (as featured in Forzo where you have the trombones, bass tombones and the tubas split up) but it also works great. It is exactly what it wants to be and for this I like it. I see why people blame it for being too expensive (also happened in this shootout)
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