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Library Spotlight - Nashville Scoring Strings

Cory Pelizzari

Cory Pelizzari

(Solonoid Studio)
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Thank you @Cory Pelizzari. The first attempt to show more delicate part of the library.

Btw Do you have any patreon like site?
Yeah it's here: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari

I don't really promote it anymore because my video uploads can vary wildly depending on my moods/situations, which can cause some patrons to stop their support if I'm having a particularly long time off. I was thinking of implementing a donate-per-video structure, depending on if YouTube has decent support for that kind of thing.


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Thanks, this was very useful. You tested the specific things I was wondering about in the legato and spiccato responsiveness, plus the dynamic layers, that I couldn't find as clearly elsewhere
I do like the sound of this library.
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