LFO on Instrument Insert FX


So, I have a couple of effects on the instrument InsertFX tab, and a filter after those.
I would like to modulate the cutoff frequency with an LFO, but I can't seem to do that the same way as it would work on a Group InsertFX. I thought that I could set a "dummy filter" with an LFO in the Group Insert and send its cutoff frequency to the filter in the Instrument Insert, but I hope there is an easier way. Is there?

P.S. I read the sticky post about modulation, and my question was answered there. If this was the case, I didn't understand it, can anyone explain it to me?


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Bottom line: Insert FX, Sends and Buses don't allow modulators.
Your LFOs need to be added to the Amp, Source or Group FX modules.


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Yeah... not all is lost though. You can script an LFO if you feel it needs to be in the Insert FXs module.
If it's worth it or not, that's really up to you.
Personally, i'd try to find a way to make it work with the Group FX.