Let's Listen to MRythmizerMB by MeldaProduction! ( currently 75% off!)


Infinite Musical Possibilites

Currently 75% off at https://vstbuzz.com/deals/75-off-mrhythmizermb-by-meldaproduction/?ref=52

The Rythmizer is an audio time manipulation effect that has gating, glitching, repeating hits and scratching, all with a plethora of options and built in patterns and presets, easy to pick up and play or ready for deep customization.

Uses: EDM, Trap, Pop, Hybrid, Underscore, Cinematic.

What I like about it: Easy trance gate effects, Multi-band scratch effects, filter frequency modulation, and it's FUN!

As always, I'm an open book, so if there are any questions you have about this plugin, or any recommendations about products you'd like to see reviewed or demonstrated in the future, please feel free to drop a comment. You can also send me a personal message as well. :)
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