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Let's hear those horror pieces!


It really is just an expensive hobby for me
Here's a piece I just completed for a minisode in a series of horror shorts (3 - 5 minutes each). Watch out for the jump scares, lol:

And for fun, here's my halloween piece from last year:

What is the organ in this old house? Very nice.


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Which patch? There are quite a few
I think i asked the same question last year, lol! I was surprised by how good it sounds!

Kudos to Tim for cunningly utilizing those "forgotten" types of patches.
Sorry for the late reply but I had to load kontakt up to get the patch name! It's the "Organ KH GrPrplenum (Manual) *and* (Pedal)" patches!I believe I turned the built in reverb off and ran it through a cathedral IR in Altiverb but I haven't reloaded the session to check.


Also, thanks! The full stop organ in Kontakt is absolutely classic!
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