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Ross Sampson

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In the metaphorical sense of course. How do you deal with creating personal works and sharing them? Would love to hear your thoughts. I've been writing songs since I was a kid, and though I'd say now I'm not old, I'm not young either... and these songs have been sat around over the years in my head. For want of a better phrase, I'd like to 'purge' them before too long, and so I'm setting up a new YouTube channel where I can, again for want of a better phrase, creatively puke without thought, without strategy and plan, just to ease the load of 'holding' them. Some of the songs are so personal it feels like opening a diary and being very exposed, very... naked, as does being with naught but a guitar and vocals (a little spice added after). Well, maybe that aint so bad. And to boot, maybe this is the year I embrace wanky YouTube titles.

Vi-C has been a digital home for some years (I joined as @Rv5 years back) and birthplace of Waverunner Audio and a generally 'aight place to be. So, sharing the journey here feels 'aight too, whatever that may be.

Had 15mins at the end of the day in the studio back in 2018 so laid this live. Written around 2015, track 1 of the purge: Blóm Heim



When life gives you lemons, swap 'em for mangos
Lovely track! Beautifully-performed and tastefully shot. If this is you 'creatively puking', I'm excited to see what you can do with a little more effort ;) ;)
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