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Lemur - Trying to use time variable - What's Modulo ?


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I'm trying to figure out how does "time" variable run, in order to make a more "living" interface (for example, showing up a container coming from the left to the right... Is that possible ?...)...

So, the manual says as an example : Seconds=floor(time%60)

And my question is : what does mean "%" ???? I know it's called "modulo", but what does it do ?...

Thank you :)


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Modulo gives the remainder in a division equation, as they call it in grade school long division. So for example 11 / 3 is 3.667 or 3 remainder 2. So 11 % 3 is 2.

What the example time equation is doing is effectively discarding the minute portion of the time and returning the second count from 0 to 59 within the minute.
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