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Legato Strings comparison - one phrase, eight test runs


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How to resist :D

I believe that the main reason LSCS sounds the best is because the programming is better on these. There are little bumps and quirks on few of the other examples.

Here is my quick version with Venice Modern Strings:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/qdognw29bfeybfy/Venice Modern Strings V1.wav?dl=0

The MIDI part may not be exactly the same, because I just tried to reproduce the original melody in Logic. There's just a touch of Valhalla Room, but not too much since the FAR mics can happily substitute the need of an external reverb.
Lol show off

Sounds great!


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There's a lot of legato crossfade volume bumps in most of these so it's hard to take the comparison seriously... Most of these can sound much better with proper editing.

It should come as no surprise that Light & Sound Chamber orchestra sounds good out of the box though, you can throw any random midi strings at it and it'll digest it. :)


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Yep, they all definitely sound like legato strings. :laugh:

Give a composer 8 different string libraries, and she'll still manage to sound like the same composer with each one.
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To me SCS sounds the best by far. I had been contemplating CSS but feel pretty good already having SCS, LCO, and recently getting SStS.

Hi everyone,

To assess the timbre and sound qualities of my strings libraries, I've run them all through one musical phrase. First the violins 1 only, then the whole strings orchestra. With each library I 'performed' the phrase anew. So no copying midi tracks from one library to another. I corrected the most obvious mistakes and tweaked the passes for each library, but didn't spend too much time on the details.
I used panning and reverb where necessary, but no other external effects (except for some eq on Dimension Strings only, because they are Dimension Strings). Spitfire Chamber Strings 'stacked' means layered with the transposition trick.

Of course I don't know all the libraries equally well. Nor is there a musical phrase that suits all the libraries exactly the same. So this comparison tells absolutely nothing about the quality of each library. But maybe it is useful for some to compare the timbres, and hear how different these libraries all sound on the same musical material. So I thought I'd share. Here goes:

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