Lectures by Bruce Adolphe (Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center)


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Hi all,

Probably many of you are aware of this, but I thought it was worth sharing if someone is not and I haven’t seen it around VI.

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (NY) has many masterclasses and lectures throughout the year. I discovered last year the lectures by Bruce Adolphe (wonderful composer and incredibly entertaining lecturer, I have to say), on which he analyzes different pieces from the chamber repertoire from all periods.

I found those incredibly interesting and although the content is kinda made for the common person with no musical training and therefore some of the things are a bit ‘basic’ sometimes, I believe the lectures are amazing, entertaining and I find myself discovering many new things as well.

Honestly, I was shocked at the beginning that some of the lectures have only a few hundreds or less views in YouTube, as quality content of this style is difficult to find – at least I haven’t found much, any recommendations are welcomed! ;)

Good thing is you can watch them live (starting weekly on the 29th this month) and also watch many of the past lectures.

Anyway, here’s the link to the CMS website:


Obviously being 4000 miles away from NY I have no affiliation whatsoever with Bruce Adolphe or the CMS (although I'd love to have!) J

Hope you find it interesting!


Jeremy Denk masterclass is also worth checking if you’re a piano player or you love chamber music ;)
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The orchestra I work for recently performed Adolphe's piano concerto. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about some of the classics.


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The orchestra I work for recently performed Adolphe's piano concerto
Ah, nice! Haven't heard it, I think it was premiered not so long ago (maybe 1 or 2 years), so I haven't had the chance to listen to it. I'm guessing it is cool.
Stravinsky, Bartok, Britten, Copland or Gershwin lectures are a must see. A lot of insights on what makes them sound and compose the way to be what they are and sound the way they sound.


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Wow, thank you for posting. Indeed an excellent resource. Interesting, instructive and funny at the same time.

Thanks again, some days the internet really delivers.