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Layout Routing Rules


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In Falcon it's possible to define layer rules that will allow you to define which layers are active based on different rules (eg: a CC value).

The interesting part starts at 6:30

From the manual p37 these are the type of rules that can be applied:

Key Switch, Pitch Bend, Speed, Note Duration, Cycle, Random, Legato, Random Cycle, MIDI CC


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Neat. What's your thinking for how you might use this (beyond the obvious use for key switching orchestral libraries)? I'm thinking different sequences could be activated / deactivated by key switches...
Yes, I think that would be particularly useful for live play; but for recording, I'd just record one sequence at a time, including layered sequences, to leave more options for mixing. Or, more likely, just copy the midi over to the new track using the other sequencer and make an adjustments I want. Unless you can route the different sequencers to different outputs and record them on separate tracks. I don't see any obvious way of doing that but it may be possible.

I suppose that it would be nice to have key sequencing for Parts too; but you can CC assign the mute and solo functions. I don't know if you can make the same press of a single key mute one Part whilst unmuting another.
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