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LAST DAY for 20% off all ZapZorn and NEW Solstice Green



ZapZorn SOLSTICE Green is the next installment in a one-of-a-kind sound design tonal pad and atonal soundscape creation machine for Kontakt. SOLSTICE Green is the peaceful sister to SOLSTICE Blue - sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes meet 24 new calming core sounds. SOLSTICE Green takes 24 unique core sounds and expands them without limits by adding 24 X and 24 Y sound variables to create a totally new sound creation experience. With randomized convolution reverbs (SPACE), Chorus, Flanger and Phasers (ORBIT), delay (ECHO) and multiple distortions (DIRT) - SOLSTICE Green takes those sounds and morphs them into expandable, non-repeatable looped sounds. With a full ADSR envelope and randomized LFO and Filters, SOLSTICE Green takes those sounds one step further. Finally, adding the red master randomizer button (?), SOLSTICE Green is one click away from creating a sound that only you have!

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Check out the video here!

Check out audio samples here!

Core Sounds include female and male voices, bowed instruments, blown instruments, ambient guitars, various stringed instruments and more!

X and Y sounds include a Belizian jungle, Tahquhmanon waterfalls, various birds, water landscapes, weather sounds, ambient outside sounds and musical sounds such as marbles dropped on a grand piano, stringed instrument harmonics, wild flutes and bells and many more!

• 80 Tonal Patches
• 50 Atonal Patches
• 10 Bonus Nature Patches
• 1.9 + Gigs on pristine sounds

SOLSTICE Green requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2 or later


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Very cool to see this released! I own Solstice Blue and am looking forward to working with the new sounds in the Green edition. I'm particularly keen on the ambient/atonal patches.
I picked this up as soon as I got the release announcement; I am also a Solstice Blue owner. I'm already having a lot of fun with this set, and can't wait to explore it's full potential.


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Thanks Emasters and HypnoticSoundscapes - Post some of the things you create!
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