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Last chance! exclusive up to 40% off sound yeti and expansions, only at time+space!


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🚨Last Chance🚨

Save an exclusive 40% on Sound Yeti Ambition and expansions! Tell your story with evolving textures, colourful rhythms and elemental keys! ENDS TOMORROW!

Sound Yeti’s Ambition virtual instrument doubles as a sampler and a powerful, versatile synth for the free Kontakt Player. Ambition features delays, IR reverbs, custom performance controls and much more to help you easily make big screen ambient oriented sounds. It comes preloaded with 3,351 chromatic samples, with over 30,000 possible sampling combinations.

What's more there's a choice of four spectacular expansion packs to extend your ambient and cinematic palette!


Right now there's 34% off Ambition and 35% off the expansion packs but you can save even more with our exclusive Ambition bundle which includes everything for the lowest ever price of just $145 / £123! That's 40% off!

GET THE DEAL HERE ➡ https://bit.ly/SYAmbition
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Apologies, that price is for Ambition itself, not the bundle.

Our exclusive bundle includes Ambition and all expansions for £123 / $145

The expansions are currently £16 / $19

I'll update the post, apologies for the confusion
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