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LASS: One Section Per Instance in Cubase

David Enos

Sonic Concepts Media
Hello everyone - hope someone here can help me -

I bought Cubase 10 and am trying to move from my previous DAW (Pro Tools) into Cubase. Everything is going fine EXCEPT for L.A. Scoring Strings. I am using ARC and Auto Arranger and have been using a setup of one instance of Kontakt per section; that is, one instance of Kontakt for ALL of Vlns 1, one instance of Kontakt for ALL of Vlns 2, one instance of Kontakt for ALL of Vlas, etc. All of my different articulations (and desks) for each section reside within one instance. So, in Vlns 1 for example, channels 1-16 are all the articulations for Vlns 1 desk A, 17-32 are all articulations for Vlns 1 desk B, 33-48 are for desk C. I use keyswitching to activate the articulation I need. In Pro Tools I had it set up so you could either either play each desk in independently (they resided on 3 separate tracks) OR if you didn't have time you could just play chords and Auto Arranger would separate the desks for you (on a fourth track I named 'Vlns 1 FULL' which was the ONLY track that had the instance of Kontakt). The 'FULL' track was set to midi channel 1; desks A, B and C were set to midi channels 12, 13 and 14 respectively. I have tried to emulate this setup in Cubase to no avail. Searching for it online has produced no answers either. I really need help on setting this up. Surely one of you knows how to do this? I have been told you can't do this in Cubase but that can't be right, can it? I deeply appreciate ANY help you can give me setting this up. Thanks in advance!


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You could look at @tack 's Flexrouter multiscript...? It will give you more channels to work with if that helps...? ie Same amount of input channels (1-16) but 64 channels of midi (A-D 1-16).

I'm using that along w vst expression maps and it's about as flexible as I would ever need.


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There might be other/better ways, but this is how I'd do it.
(Cubase 9.5 with LASS 2.5 on a Mac, but I suppose it should be about the same in C10 whichever platform. Apologies if any of this seems 'duh,' but I dunno what you do or don't already know...)

Add Instrument Track > Kontakt
Load LASS multi
If you're using Audiobro's included divisi multis, the FULL section is MIDI channel 16.
Open Cubase's Inspector (Cmd+Opt+L, OR look for tiny panel icons in the upper right)
Go down below "All MIDI Inputs" and "Kontakt X Xout" to find your channel #. Switch to 16.
That track is your Kontakt instance, MIDI for the Full section, and if you go multitimbral, your FC audio.

Add MIDI track, call it First Chair.
In the Inspector, under All MIDI Inputs select your Kontakt.
Below that, select channel 1. Now this is MIDI input for your First Chair.

Repeat with ch12 for stand A, ch13 for stand B, etc... (assuming you're using Audiobro defaults)

If you want separate audio channels for each stand:
Open the VSTi rack (Cmd+Opt+R, or find panel icon in the main window upper right)
Find your LASS Kontakt instance.
In the upper right of that panel, find a little rectangle/ arrow icon: [->
Click it, turn on the outputs so you get the first four activated.
Sort out the routing in your Kontakt to match up with those outputs.

Hide the MIDI tracks from your mixer view:
In Mixer window, Cmd+Opt+L and hit the Visibility tab.
Uncheck the MIDI channels.

When you get around to making expression maps (a real fun topic for another post perhaps) put those on all the tracks.

Good luck,HTH!

David Enos

Sonic Concepts Media
Hi guys, sorry for the delayed response, been busy. I JUST NOW figured it out! You got me pointed in the right direction, thank you. Yes, so what I did (for anyone having a similar problem) was export the divisi PT file (Which lumped desks A, B and C into only ONE file). This only allowed one part to play, namely desk A, but it was flipping all over the place since the legato only allows one note at a time. What I did to solve the problem was: I right clicked on my Vln 1 part (which hosted the Kontakt instance); then I selected "Add Track" and added 3 MIDI tracks. This gave me three MIDI tracks directly below my Vln 1 track (which hosts the Kontakt instance). I renamed each new MIDI track Vln 1A, Vln 1B, and Vln 1C while assigning them MIDI in 12, MIDI in 13, and MIDI in 14 respectively. And I made sure the Vln 1 track (which hosts the Kontakt instance) was set to MIDI in 1. Then I dragged my MIDI data from the Vln 1 track into Vln 1A, Vln 1B, and Vln 1C while watching the Kontakt instance to verify it was receiving MIDI data. Voila!! Awesome, thanks for the help guys!
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