Lack of Trackers on new site


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Hello -

I just started using Ghostery to see all the trackers and block crappy javascript running rampant on websites. I don't want to block ads - they are a necessary part of the website business, so I don't mind them if they behave and are fairly unobtrusive. But the tracking and javascripts that slow a site down to zero and sell my web browsing history and information is too much.

Very happy to see that VI-Control is not tracking where I am coming from and where I am going. I see twitter and Facebook posting javascripts, but no other tracking information - at least that I am detecting.

Just wanted to say thanks. It's another reason VI-Control has become one of the two music based forums I visit.


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Part of the reason we have fast connections these days is because to load a single website you need to pull from five random CDNs, two doubleclicks, google analytics, twitter, facebook, and pinterest. Nevermind the actual domain you sent the request to in the first place!