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1) This rookie just upgraded to Kontakt from Kontakt Player. So far I only have a few libraries that require Kontakt. I see that those libraries do not display in the Library tab on the left side of Kontakt, but all of my Kontakt Player libraries do. Of course I can access the "full Kontakt" libraries from the files tab, and I have placed them in the "quick load" section as well. Why is this?

2) I may move all Kontakt libraries (Player or Full) into the "quick load" area and hide the library tab completely. However, I do like seeing the keyboard at the bottom of the Kontakt window. Is there a way to keep it open as well as the "quick load" area at the same time?

3) Kontakt patch volume... When working on a track, I can control volume via the Kontakt volume control, DAW track volume and cc11. (I work with cc1 and cc11 routed to two of the sliders on my controller keyboard) Generally speaking, how do you use these three alternatives? Normally I start with Kontakt patch volume at "0", DAW track volume at "0" and work with expression and dynamics. If needed I adjust DAW track volume next and rarely ever change the Kontakt patch volume. Is this a good approach?

4) When you create a customized or "multi" patch, where do you save those? I was thinking of creating a "my patches" folder inside of the library's "instruments" folder that I could find via the "quick loads" area.

Any advice here would be appreciated... thanks.

Manuel Stumpf

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1) Developers producing Kontakt Player libraries (and thus pay royalties for this to NI) have the privilege of their products being shown in the libraries tab. All others do not show there.

2) no idea

3) You can get along with just using expression/dynamics/DAW volume faders most of the time.
In some cases you have to move the Kontakt Volume fader (some libraries are levelled quite loud especially when hitting multiple notes simultaneously, in this case you might have to turn down the volume inside Kontakt to prevent clipping).

4) Yup. If a multi is related to a lib, it is a good idea to save it in a subdirectory.


Thanks Mike... maybe I was not clear. I'm not talking about the browser that appears on the left. I'm talking about the "quick load" menu and keyboard that both appear on the bottom, below the instrument. I can not see a way to have both open at the same time.


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2: From the top of my head: A right click in Kontakt (not on a knob in a instrument but in an "empty" space of the screen) makes the Quick Load section appear and disappear, bringing the keyboard back.

To confirm once I'm in front of my computer.
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