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Kontakt - One Button To Purge Them All (Where is it?)


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Hello everyone! :)

As the title says I'm wondering were the "purge all instances of Kontakt"-button is?
If you like me have a big VEPRO template that is being modified slightly almost daily, the frustration of having to go through about 1000 tracks (some of you might have much more) just to purge them is tedious and labour intensive.
Should the "Purge All Kontakt Instances" or "Group Purge" be a VEPRO or Kontakt feature?
I've heard people being frustrated that this feature isn't there in Kontakt, probably because not that many composers or users of Kontakt uses that big/giant templates. From some reading there seems to have existed at some point, but the feature was removed?

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?



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Not only do we lack a purge across all Kontakt instances, but the latest version of Kontakt has removed the ability even to purge all patches within the same instance. If you think it was bad before, now you have to purge every individual patch.
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