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Kontakt hates my viola


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Ok, not just the viola. I'm having an issue where Kontakt is inexplicably turning the volume of random instruments to zero. I noticed this when listening to mixes away from the computer and instruments were missing. When I go back to Kontakt the volume slider in kontakt for that instrument is at zero. It seems a week doesn't go by without Kontakt silencing at least one instrument.

I assume this is a midi issue but nothing in my setup has changed and I'm not sure why all of a sudden this is happening.

I will say that the titular viola track was awful and Kontakt was right to silence it but that is more compositional criticism than I like from my sampler :)


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At the start of your composition, record CC7 at a value that matches your intended kontakt volume.
This will make sure that, no matter what happens with kontakt, your DAW or the hardware, the volume will always be recalled by the midi track.
Do this for all tracks, make it a practice, and hopefully you won't have this issue again.



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Echoing what P.N. said, there's probably a VST plugin you can get which will discard all CC7 messages. I have CC7 and CC10 (pan) filters at the top of my default FX chain.

Do you use Sibelius by any chance? It spams CC7/10 messages, in my experience.


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In Kontakt, right click your volume slider to see if there's CC attached to it. If so, delete it. You can always add it again later if you need to for some reason. I have Kontakt libraries that attach CC11 to the volume slider and it often creates problems just like the one you've described.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.26.55 AM.png


Also, if you happen to be using an NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard, that volume touchstrip can be a little pesky and easy to hit.


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If it hasn't been mentioned, don't forget CC11 Expression, that one gets me a lot.
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