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James H

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Anyone know why my GUI is now displaying like below images? Only seems to be Spitfire ones?
On Mac btw

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 20.05.35.png Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 20.06.04.png Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 20.06.37.png Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 20.06.51.png

Helen McMillin

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Yeah it's not a system issue, it's a Kontakt issue. Got a confirmation that Kontakt dev team is tracking the issue now.
Interestingly my Native Access does not give me the option to update from 6.0.4. I got the email while I was working on a project, which I finished last night. I went to update just now, and it wasn't in my Available Updates page.


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I've no idea what that is :/
But am I safe to assume this is not my setup/system at issue?
It refers to co-ordinates: X, Y, Z.
They are used to represent width, height and depth (front to back).
When creating computer interfaces, you use them to position the screen elements, e.g draw a control at such and such position.
If the Z co-ordinates are messed up or inverted as seems to be the case here, elements that should be behind others (like the darker background) end up at the front.


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Requires macOS 10.11, IIRC.
There's actually a little trick you can do if you don't want to update your OS. You won't be able to run the standalone version, but you can run the VSTs. I had 10.10 on one computer and 10.11 on another. I couldn't update Kontakt on the 10.10, so I downloaded it (via Native Access) on my 10.11 computer, grabbed the VSTs, put them on a thumb drive and transferred them to my 10.10 computer. They opened up just fine in my DAW. Again, the standalone won't install, but you can use it in your DAW. Ultimately, however, you might as well update MacOS. I finally updated to 10.14 and am glad I did.


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Yeah it's not a system issue, it's a Kontakt issue. Got a confirmation that Kontakt dev team is tracking the issue now.
I did not see this thread until now, but already posted in the Komplete Kontrol beta thread, as well as sending a note to Spitfire. EDIT: I see this in Kontakt now, hence is it not unique to KK as I initially thought.
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Yeah it's a Kontakt issue not KK.

And turns out it's not even a Z-layer issue after all, but something iffy happened with hide control bitmask and getting its value is broken. They're on it.


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Fixed my same issue as well! I originally though it might have been a VE Pro/Kontakt bug as I had upgraded both at the same time. Nope, updated Kontakt today and it's back to normal.