Kontakt 6!


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Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. But does it bring any new mapping functions? The creator tool seems more like... scripting stuff?


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Main drawback for me seems to be that the plugin name will be different and hence a complete reprogramming of my template using tons of Kontakt instances would need to happen. :(

Michael Antrum

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I can't believe they haven't introduced some sort of grouping mechanism for managing your libraries into different sections.

I wonder if they have sorted out the ridiculous 'forced download' issue when adding their own libraries....


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Looks like it's a release for developers more than users, however if users want libraries built with K6 they'll need to get it as those libraries won't work with older version of Kontakt.


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No VST3? No GUI re-size? Selling Kontakt 6 by adding 3 libraries and a few new FX seems like a marketing ploy to cover for an underwhelming update. Lack of library content has never been one of Kontakt's larger issues.
Kind of have to agree with you. Can't really say it looks like a major update from the user perspective.


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same feeling. kinda underwhelming. Maybe there are better group round robin (non scirpting) features?
Cool some of the new effects and wavetable sound interesting.
Would of been nice some better editing features... they sure like things tiny.