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Kontakt 6 hanging(?)


Hi - Can anyone help please?...

I'm experiencing hangs when using Kontakt 6.1.1 in Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 on Windows 10. (I'm connecting to VEPro from Cubase 10 or Nuendo 10.)

Memory use on the VEPro/Kontakt machine is 74GB out of 256GB and total CPU when connected is 30-40%. 24 instance tabs of VEPro, and many instance of Kontakt with many audio returns.

I first load the VEPro project so all samples are loaded but not yet activated. The Cubase project connects to all VEPro instances fine and the Kontakt instances appear to initialise as their guis become active, but then when it all looks ready, a long hang (3 minutes for this project) happens before I'm good to go.

Doing a mini dump during the hang suggests that Kontakt is the blocker. Doing a wpr trace across the hang indicates that there is a bunch of kernel functions called from Kontakt.dll at the time the hang starts, and the trace also shows a spike of 3300 context switches all at the same moment.

Is there some memory management or thread management issue that anyone knows of with Kontakt? Maybe only with largish memory footprints?

Of course I've tried the various combinations of thread management preferences (all cores in Kontakt, or 1 core in Kontakt, max cores in VEP, or min cores in VEP and the permutations of these). I've tried having windows paging on and off. Windows Memory Diagnostics tool shows not hardware problems. VEP behaves nicely with other VSTs.

Thank you for any insight!
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