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Kontakt 6 fonts!


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Hi, there.

I mentioned this briefly on the Kontakt sub-forum, but decided this could be more useful if posted on this subforum as a service.

As many of you are aware, Kontakt 6 supports custom fonts.
Unfortunately, Kontakt requires a bitmap font system, with red dots on each character, presented horizontally, according to the Windows 1252 protocol.

Moving all those dots can be a daunting task, specially if, after doing it, the size wasn't quite right and the process needs to be repeated.
(we're talking about 256 dots here...)

Until we get a proper ttf/otf to Kontakt bitmap font tool, (or until Kontakt natively supports those formats), we're stuck.

No scripter or graphics designer wants to loose time with that process, so i'm here to help out.

If interested, please PM me so you can provide you with the details.
It's a fairly inexpensive process considering how much time and patience it will save you.
Don't waste any more of your time moving around red dots. :)

PS: This is something i'll do on my down time, so if the requests become more than i can handle, please allow for up to 24 hours before getting your font.

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