Kontakt 5.6 Update

Mr. Ha

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Hi everyone!
I just received an email from Native Instruments telling me that a new Kontakt update is available. Has anyone updated yet?


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Did they get rid of the larger text option in 5.6 ?

NI Email text....

The free 5.6 update provides KONTAKT 5 with an updated user interface. The update also brings improvements to stability and a number of important bug fixes. KONTAKT instrument developers now benefit from a number of new KSP features, allowing larger available screen space for user interfaces and improved instrument building workflow.

The 5.6 update also introduces Usage Data Tracking to KONTAKT 5 and KONTAKT 5 PLAYER. This will help us ensure quality and stability by allowing us to collect important data on how the software is used. This will always be done anonymously and can be disabled at any time. For more information, please read this Knowledge Base article.

To update KONTAKT, open Native Access and select KONTAKT in the 'Available Updates' tab. Native Access will notify you when KONTAKT is updated.

If you prefer to update KONTAKT using Service Center, open Service Center, click on the Updates tab, select KONTAKT 5.6, and click ‘Download’. Once your download is complete, run the KONTAKT 5.6 update Installer. Once installed, your KONTAKT 5.6 software will be ready for use.

Best wishes,

The Native Instruments team


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I had to re-start my Macbook Air (tried it out on my portable system first). Crashed when I loaded up a CineSamples Comedy multi from their CineSymphony Lite library but it seems okay now. Metropolis Ark is having no issues. I'm disappointed about the font size as well. Really SMALL. Hard on the eyes.


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Good to see NI listening to there beta testers :grin: Not surprising, the last service request email I had took 3 weeks for a reply and was not even on topic.

Anyone catch the NI data usage tracking info btw ?
To be honest I kept usage tracking on. As long as it doesn't affect performance, I'm fine.

Ps. I've got update for Library too. But I can't find any info what was changed. Does anyone know?


Font is almost unreadable for me on a 24" 1080 monitor. It's an awful quality bitmap-like rendering.

So ******* stupid to remove the larger font option...


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Font is almost unreadable for me on a 24" 1080 monitor. It's an awful quality bitmap-like rendering.

So ******* stupid to remove the larger font option...
I logged a feature request on the NI site to return the larger fonts. Perhaps if those of us of a certain age pile on with our respectful displeasure at this, it will move it up the bug list for them to address...

Rob Elliott

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The fact that they ignored even their beta-testers doesn't give me confidence that they'll see it any other way (pun intended).


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I can't believe they are still clinging to the "tiny is beautiful" aesthetic, as if it were 2003. GUI's need to be more flexible nowadays.