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Knifonium VST


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If I can get it that cheap I don’t mind waiting at all, that’s an absolute steal


As I said… wait for a sale ;) because I think I have purchased other PA gems like LION, Thorn and oberhausen for as little as $15, when they did one of those 39.99 sales (using my $25 voucher). Knifonium I may have paid slightly more for, because I was impatient ;)
Yeah I bought Lion,Thorn,Oberhausen and Knifoneum all for $15 each with vouchers during various bl-weekly PA sales. 😎


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He is a great guy indeed...I know him very positive energy solid guy...and we played together in 2007 he stood in for our synth player...it’s on yt
I’ve built 2 recent songs around Howard’s Cookbook patches
+1 Howard is one of my all time favorite patch magicians,he’s enormously talented.

Hive. Another one of my favourites! Better take care and avoid any videos on Bazille, and the video @Sound Author made of his Equinox soundset. And DEFINITELY avoid Howard Scarr’s Bazille Cookbook - or those tax returns will vaporize before you know it
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