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Knifonium VST

Real thing so much better....yes its the real deal but the Plugin version sounds just ok to me...I'll probably pick it up when its on sale or if my $75 voucher gets me it for $25

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Real thing so much better....yes its the real deal but the Plugin version sounds just ok to me...I'll probably pick it up when its on sale or if my $75 voucher gets me it for $25

A real violin in a skilled player sounds better than the fake one, but I still use the fake one.
I refer myself as a synth-whore,yeah I love and buy too many,lol
With discounts I can get this for $75 but I’m holding off for now.
Knifoneum sounds analog thick and creamy in a real nice way but in a way artificially thick and creamy to my ears people are also reporting it’s a real processor hog.
If it sound more like the real Knif synth in the videos I’d already have it but it doesn’t. ☹️

The new synth that I’m really trying to resist and I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy is Obsession by Synapse Audio.
It’s really knocking me out! It really sounds like the real Oberheims people in bands I played with used not like a soft-synth.
I have only listened online but it sounds like it’s in the league of Diva,Legend,Repro

I’ll probably go for Knifoneum when the CPU demands get optimized and by that time PA will be blowing it out for $29 or less.
I bought Obsession on release. It's good, though my enthusiasm has waned with some of the usability/oddities it has. The core sound is great. I've been using bx_oberhausen more again as well, and might like it just much as Obsession in different ways - that's a steal for < $30.

I tried Knifoneum and have already moved on. It just wasn't anything interesting or different enough that I'd want to try and use, or perhaps took too much work to get there from scratch. So... I finally purchased TAL-U-NO-LX v2 instead after trying K. I don't expect to buy K, even once it's down to ~$25 (it'd be $75 for me to buy it right now).

I applaud PA for creating boutique style software synths, though the CPU usage isn't awesome. From what I can tell, it's challenging to create a soft synth that sounds really really good. Especially one modeling analog. PA rose to this challenge. It's then just as hard again on top of that to make something that sounds amazing AND doesn't chew up a CPU as much - it even took U-He years to figure out how to best optimize Diva, for example. I don't expect PA to continue to optimize for long, unfortunately, as they have more plugins to make and market.
Ok... so what’s the verdict on this so far? I’m resisting all urges at the minute 😂
As did I, although a $50 Knifonium offered on KnobCloud made we nervous for a minute. Fortunately the $20 PA fee was not included, tipping the scales. If was a close call though....
Got it with PluginAlliance current offer, + personal Voucher for July. Too early to add useful impressions, but Knif Audio and Knifonium hardware was far too impressive to pass, and clearly influenced by my PA cost. Definitely tougher decision at full cost, or current $199.99 promo.

PA offer 14-day free trials, so quite easy to audition and choose. ;)
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Wrong. That’s known as a trap. Just like UAD free trials. There’s nothing free about it. It’s like a drug dealer giving someone a free taste and you will be back... with your wallet 😂
“Pssst... Hey kid? Yes you. You look a bit tired man. Poor little JoniBoni been pulling another all-nighter yeah? Betcha people from the Isle of Wight don’t know the little secret that keeps us LA folk going. Tell you what, here’s a little taste man. Go on, don’t be shy! Take it. It’s yours. And should you ever need more tube-based little helpers, just go ahead and gimme a call. Here’s a voucher.”
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