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Klezmer Style Clarinet / Woodwind / Brass


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once again I realize how limited I am using sample libraries trying to get some expressive vivid sound, but maybe you can help me.

I try to compose a Klezmer Style song like this one on the example and find it very hard to get the Clarinet / Chalumeau sound right. I have the Fluffy Audio Solo Clarinet, which has a beautiful sound but in my opinion is not right for this genre (maybe someone can show me that I'm wrong). I also got a Clarinet by Hephaestus Sounds (don't really like it) and the Session Horns Saxophone (very limited).

Any recommendation of other libraries or technics? It doesn't have to be a Clarinet.



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Perhaps the Balkan Orchestra by Stretzov?
I've watched the walkthrough on Youtube and it seems really good, but the Clarinet in the walkthrough has not the tone I'm looking for. Anyway, seems like a great library.

Maybe Audiomodeling Clarinet. But you really have to 'play' it.
Yes. I was looking at some Audiomodeling examples and I really would like to try it. Need to get a breath controller for this, which I havn't yet.
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