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Klanghelm MJUC variable-tube compressor


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In case anyone missed it a new comp from Klanghelm was released last week.


For 24 € you can't go wrong. It's replacing many of my so called 'better' comps. Excellent quality, versatile, many useful features & well suited for many chores.

There free version MJUC jr. combines 2 of the 3 models together. The cpu is high so you can gauge how the full version will perform on your system.



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Same here. So far I use it mainly for mastering & only on a handful of tracks like bass, drums, voc..


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it's been updated to v1.0.1 today

- better GUI alignment, some minor GUI fixes such as adding a missing label near the SCF knob in Mk3
- reduced CPU load when using the plugin's internal bypass
- when used on stereo channels, GR-meter now shows the gain reduction of the stereo sum instead of left channel only
- FIX: default state gets recalled properly now in ProTools
- FIX: occasional erratic VU-needle-behavior
- FIX: OSX: 64-bit AU didn't pass AU-validation on some systems
- FIX: latency is reported properly now
- FIX: Windows: denormal issues in the Windows 32bit VST-version, when using Mk3
- FIX: Windows: when saving a default state, GUI didn't show up on some systems when loading a new instance
- FIX: Windows: MJUC didn't show up on some systems


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Bought it few days ago. What a fantastic plugin and it sounds good on any material. And yes, it has replaced many of my compressors plugins i have :)

Also, another awesome compressor plugin is Sknote SDC and cost only USD 29.90 (introductory price) @ http://www.sknote.it/SDC.htm
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