Killer expression pedal?


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Can anyone recommend something that's accurate and flexible in terms of an expression pedal? I'm not really good with the foot. I'd like to replace the modwheel because my hands are busy.



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You may want to check this link- -to see specs on a variety of pedals for keyboard/ controllers as they are not all necessarily optimal for yours. I ended up with a Boss EV-30 for my old StudioLogic Studio 900 because they recommend a 10K Pot as opposed to a Yamaha FC7 exp pedal (the most popular among the keyboard community) with a 50K pot.


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Agree with all of the above.
But if you want CV + Expression the Behringer FC100 is great with hardware like your EuroRack Modulars.

And if you seek true sickness the Source Audio Reflex.
5 x MIDI CC’s simultaneously, great for drawbars of tonewheels organs like a Hammond B3, or ganged faders, etc.
Then CV for Super accurate Filter Sweeps.