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Keystation Pro 88 with USB "B" to iPad Air 2


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Could somebody tell me what options I have to <reliably bullet proof> connect my Keystation Pro 88 keyboard (having a USB "B" port) to my iPad Air 2 lightning port for gigging ?

It has been an exercise in frustration reading about iPad Camera Connection Kit, Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter, iConnect MIDI 1, iRig MIDI, Newsonik iM/ONE and on and on. Very spotty even with genuine Apple cords and Camera stuff, "not
enough power" messages even with the official Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter WITH a power supply to it, not working with memory sticks (would be nice but my primary purpose is controller-to-iPad connection for music), not working with certain versions of iOS or only with iPad Pro, and on and on.

I have an IK Multimedia iRig with guitar input I don't use. But I thought there was a simpler, cheaper way to just use a "Camera Connection" kit and a USB B to Lightning cord or whatever- although I have been warned to definitely stay with official Apple stuff, albeit it over-priced...

Why can't this be simple ????



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Well, no responses. But I ran across an interesting possible solution this morning on a YouTube video. Yamaha makes a BLUETOOTH adapter (sold by Sweetwater and Amazon) for $50 that works with iPads. There are two flavors. A UD BT01 which plugs into a USB "B" port of the keyboard, and an MD BT01 which plugs into the older 5 pin MIDI ports. So... given the Apple Lightning Camera Kit adapter is $30 or so, for another $20 to banish chords seems really attractive. Most reports I have seen so far indicate no latency issues, works with most keyboards and iPads, so worth a shot. Some of the (really) older keyboards apparently don't provide enough or any power in MIDI and may not work, but I'm sure going to check it out. Has anybody tried this ?
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