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Craig Sharmat

As Spud would often say everyone uses 10% of the course, it's just often a different 10%.

The great thing about teaching is it gives me a chance to look over lessons I had long since put in mothballs. Often each lesson could be used as a lifetime study if one wanted to delve into all the possibilities.

When I am not too slammed I sometimes get to join my students and will do the lesson along with them creating my own piece. Often I like the student examples better than my own original ones so to do it again is a nice bonus.

Here is a mockup using all scale (#11) melodic minor for you non EIS'ers watching at home with 2 bars near the end going to (#1/4+) major with a raised 4, then back to (#11) for the ending.

After doing happy jazz it's nice do something out but i wouldn't want to live this all the time.



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Very dark and moody, Craig, nice work!!

It definitely summons up that Bernard Hermann Psycho-tension cue (that scale #11 puts it right in that flavor), but the progressions are much more advanced and gritty.

Just very cool, Craig, thank you for sharing!

Craig Sharmat

Craig Sharmat

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Yeah, this is a light happy piece even though it appears to be dark... 8)


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Hey Craig, this is fun! Thanks for posting it. I've been enjoying your jazz albums on my latest road trip. Also, your comment "spending a lifetime on a single exercise" really hit home. I'm back studying with Tom and at the end of book VI. I wrote enough material for a whole opera in the Polytonal Diagram 6 realization. :o

Might have been a little much for a lesson though. :oops:

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