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Just released an album with Elbroar / Warner Chappell PM !


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Hi everyone,

It's been some time since I shared new music here :) Today was the release of "Adventures in Wonderland", an album for Elbroar / Warner Chappell PM I've been co-composing with my friend Eirik Jacobsen.

My compositions are the tracks 1,3,5,7,9,11&12. Hope you'll enjoy the music and of course I'd be happy to read your thoughts on this !

Link to smartURL here

And on Spotify :

First impression:
1. The Kingdom of Cats - 🙂>🥴>🤗
2. The Summit - 🙂>🤔
3. The Night Wanderer - 🙂>😀
4. Of Joy and Happiness - 🙂>😀>:thumbsup:
5. Yet Another Christmas Adventure - 🙂>😀
6. Royals - 🙂>🤔
7. Is This Scary? - 🙂>😀>🥰
8. Army of One - 🙂>😐
9. When We Grow Old - 🙂>😀
10. Desert Storm - 🙂>🤔
11. A New World - 🙂>😀
12. Going Home - 🙂>😀

I think your compositions are at a level higher than that of your composers friends, as in the arrangement of ideas and perfomance. Perhaps these are different dishes, but the quality is felt and from this they seem different and stand out in this album.
Nothing wrong with Eirik Jacobsen. Great all! Same very nice track Eirik Jacobsen - "Of Joy and Happiness" I enjoyed it!
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