Junkie XL Brass?


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coming before BF or after BF?
this is going to be a tough part of the equation

unfortunately, first impressions linger, and if they rush it out it could severely cripple their sampler adoption - if they wait until after BF nobody will have any money lol

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I just want the sampler to reduce ram footprint for the brass/winds/perc

I'll probably stay kontakt for strings tbh


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I’m still waiting for more news on this, I haven’t been this excited for a sample library in a long time.


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Well, they can still say there's gonna be some delay, the 2019 date means nothing I guess (don't want to underestimate them). Hope I'm wrong though.


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For the past couple of years OT release their big libraries in September(Time Micro this year) and early December right after BF but usually they release info before BF end, my guess is there's no Ark this year and their big release is JXL Brass


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I think they had to anounce something (was it February this year?) as they saw Cinematic Studio Brass and Spitfire Studio Brass released, so it would make sense to let people know they were at least working on something!

I think the library is gonna suprise people in the lower dynamics!


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I have a feeling that this has to do with the new Capsule. They did set a vey high bar last January on what was coming and what they were working on - not easy to do all that in one year. However, I hope they have news soon as I am interested in the JXL Brass as well. It will be interesting to see how it will stand next to the Berlin Brass (OT doesn't see JXL Brass as a replacement of the BB.)

Waiting out for their BF specials on the rest of their libraries...

Peter Satera

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was put back by 4-6 months. OTs sampler is more likely to come first using Layers as a test bed.
This way they can iron out bugs that have slipped through QA before JXL is distributed using it.


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Agreed, I think JXLB will run on the new sample engine which means delays until it's tested and runs smoothly.


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Agreed, I think JXLB will run on the new sample engine which means delays until it's tested and runs smoothly.
Yeah it's been clearly stated by OT that this will run on their New Player. Since Layers still isn't out yet, imo we're looking at 6 months from now for JXLB at the earliest, but we'll see.

In the meantime we'll probable have another Ark on Kontakt in the coming weeks.