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Jonathans Glockenspiel (Freebie) - My very first Kontakt Instrument

Hey there!

I recently started my first little sampling project and to keep things simple I started with a glockenspiel that I had lying around here for a while now.

It consists of 1 and a half octave and I have sampled 7 velocity layers for each note. Naturally it can play in the keys of C, G and F but I have stretched some samples to make it a little more versatile. I colored these red on the keyboard so you know when you are using stretched samples and can avoid them if you don't want to. Additionally I added a few sounds of dropping the mallet one octave below the playing range, making it 101 individual samples!

It also has a simple reverb on/off switch, a knob for the size of the reverb, a function that randomly detunes the keys and a simple 3-Band EQ.

The hardest parts for me were the scripting, especially making the reverb work as intended, and finding the low C bar which took at least an hour.

Last but not least I've thrown in a little pad-like patch derived from the samples but covering a bigger range on the keyboard. ;)

Here are some screenshots of the interface:


I've also done two quick demos! The second one is a german folk song. ;)
[flash width=450 height=130 loop=false]http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Fplaylists%2F7171576&secret_url=false[/flash]

You can download the Instrument here:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/czjxo ... el_1.1.rar

I'm sure most of you already have a dozen glockenspiels, but I'm hoping someone might find this useful! If not then the process has been a bunch of fun at least! :)

I'm open for anything you might want to criticize so I can improve these flaws in future instruments!

Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks to Lukas K, who was kind enough to fix my rookie mistakes, there is already a small little update! You can download the new patch here
https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu7375ddlqybp ... el_1.1.nki
but I'll also add it to the .rar file. Thanks, Lukas! :)


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Just made a little demo with more dynamics and reverb.
7 dynamic layers are very notable.



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Spacy patch are great too! Maybe ADSR Envelope on the interface will be useful in this case? :)

And a little bit of critics, there is a very edgy transition between 1st layer and 2nd in the main patch.

Thanks for the instrument, very useful for me :wink:
(love the ringing metal instruments)

Lukas K

Hey Jonathan,

first of all, thanks for this freebie! It sounds very good.

I hope you don't mind that I tried to fix couple things here and there on the natural glockenspiel patch.


1. I fixed the mapping so there are only two groups (Sustain + Dropping) instead of all those unorganized "slices mapped" groups. You also had some gaps and overlapping in the mapping, so I fixed it.

2. I changed the sample start position on couple notes which were a little late comparing to others.

3. I tried to even out the volume level of all the samples which should be in the same velocity layer and then tried to balance all those 7 velocity layers so their volume rises evenly.

4. I modified the envelope for both Sustains and Dropping groups separately, so they have some decay or fade out at the end. So now when you play the long sustain notes, you shouldn't hear an abrupt ending of the sample.

5. I changed the Source of the groups from "sampler" to "DFD", so now when you load a patch it takes only 11 MB of memory instead of 111 MB.

6. And the last and probably the most important change is that I added the velocity modulator which evens out the transition between all those 7 velocity layers, so now you hear a volume difference if you play (for example) a note with the velocity of 1 or 15, even though they both trigger the same velocity layer.

Here is the link to the updated patch:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu7375ddlqybp ... el_1.1.nki



Jonathan Howe

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Whew, Lukas, that is awesome! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to fix my mistakes and adding functions I didn't even know existed! I'll have to take a closer look and see how you did all that! I'll update the first post and exchange the files in the rar, if that's alright with you!

Thanks for all the kind comments! Really glad you guys find it useful! :)

And great demo, TSU! It's kind of surreal but really cool to hear your own samples playing something someone else wrote! :D


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Lukas K, great changes!

TodayIWill, this is a random lines... I only wanted to show a more soft and fast kind of playing plus some soft chords and their dynamics. Its was a some kind of a technical demo, not a composition :)

Lukas K

No problem Jonathan! I enjoyed it.

BTW, I'm glad you favored to sample more velocity layers instead of like only two velocity layers but 8 round robins which is kinda useless in my opinion.

@TSU Thanks, glad you find them useful!



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Nice work guys, sounds very raw and natural in a good way, like the imperfect samples stuff.
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